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LibyaThe hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God. And they will do these things because they have not known the Father, nor me.   ~Jesus *

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Deferential Uncertainty and the Death of Discourse

It’s really bad manners to have an opinion. Have you noticed? To imply you are thoroughly, decidedly and unalterably convinced is a giant step toward bigotry — in the eyes of many, you have already arrived. 

Those of us who have opinions about social issues know the cold pause in a conversation when we state our position unequivocally, even if calmly and reasonably. To be socially graceful we must always defer to the one we’re talking to; soften our stance with a qualifier– “. . . of course, I could be wrong.”   Continue reading Deferential Uncertainty and the Death of Discourse

Wanted: Revival of Virtue

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Lately, we’ve been talking a lot about it. We can’t escape the sense that our world is in decline, even decay. Nowhere does that feeling seem more real than in the realm of sexuality. 

We want to call your attention to a blog post. We think it speaks to the need for us as dwellers between the worlds* to evaluate our values with respect to sexuality. It is written by Jeff Mallinson, Associate Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Concordia University, Irvine; co-host of Virtue in the Wasteland Podcast; and Director of  League of Faithful Masks. The post is called, “The Kids Are Not All Right.” It appears at a blog called, “The Jagged Word.” 

We think you’ll find it to be a thoughtful exploration of the decline of sexuality in the contemporary West and its particular impact on the young.

* To see what we mean by “living between the worlds” visit the page, “In Between.” The link is also at the “About Us” tab above.  


Fifty Shades of Deception

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I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.



 Friends, I am encouraging you to be fully aware of the season in which we now find ourselves. This week has served, in multiple forms of media, as the staging area for the release of the film, Fifty Shades of Grey. I want you to be cognizant of the strategic moves being made by the evil one in this scenario. In a very short amount of time these books became all time best sellers, skyrocketing to the top of the mainstream market, and normalizing BDSM* erotica. It is significant to observe how pornography is now being so readily embraced by women as well as men. The words used to describe this story line include: bondage, slavery, sadomasochism, guilty pleasure…

“Holy” is how God clearly designed and described sexual intimacy. It is an obvious move from the antichrist to invade and violate millions of homes worldwide with a marred depiction of love and a bold entrapment: spiritual and emotional bondage, as well as physical.

Over a very short amount of time we have watched the strategic moves made by Satan to infiltrate the sanctity of marriage, using political power and the legal systems of the world to re-form a holy covenant into a human rights issue. Once unbiblical ideologies become the law of the land, the church will be in a position where she must choose whom she will serve.

If all of this were a chess game the evil one, the very spirit of antichrist, is setting up his traps for the end of the age: checkmate.

Church: be vigilant regarding the schemes of the evil one. Be ever watchful. God’s love for His people is precious; do not be deceived into accepting a counterfeit. Be aware and in prayer for all the saints. In Him…stand.

Dan posted about a similar issue in 2007.  

* Bondage/Sadomasochism 

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Series: The Names of God



I am continuing the adventure in creative worship. I have completed the first sketchbook of watercolor drawings of the names of God. I’ll post some samples as I go. You can follow my journey at


I Like Jesus Because…

Courtesy Dr. Ashraf Fekry

He isn’t a capitalist, a militarist, an Evangelical, a Catholic or a Mormon. He’s not a fundamentalist, a theologian, a conservative or a liberal. He is not a Republican, a Democrat or a member of any party. He is a simple itinerant teacher who lived beyond the systems of his day and the systems of ours. He did not found a religious organization, engin -eer the  Great Schism, cause the Inquisition or approve the Holocaust. He did not sanction the reformation, validate the Puritans, write the US constitution or applaud the Ku Klux Klan. He was a poor man, a humble servant, the incognito Prince of Peace and the strength of God invading the fallen world. He is the one who lay down His life to prove the power of forgiveness and the weakness of hatred. And He calls us to decline the wealth of this world; to challenge the evil around us; to fearlessly and relentlessly love because He stood victorious against the power of death. And that’s why I like Jesus. 


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