Jody’s Ignite Teaching Posted

Just wanted to let y’all know that we have posted Jody’s teaching from last weekend’s Ignite Women’s Conference.

She spoke on Navigating the Cultural Storm Discovering the Narrow Way that Leads to Life. Click to hear what she had to say.

Finishing a Busy Few Weeks

We have finished a busy few weeks. Both of us were in Colombia during the first week of February, came home for a week and jetted off to Wisconsin to facilitate a Prayer Summit and, in between facilitated a prayer day for a Presbyterian church in Vancouver, WA.

The first week in March Jody attended a women’s retreat with Montavilla Baptist Church and, during the same weekend, traveled back to the metro area to teach at the Ignite Conference.

Whew! Time to breathe!

Off to Wisconsin!

We’re headed to Wisconsin to do a prayer summit with pastors and wives of the Fox Valley. We’d appreciate your prayers. We’ll stay in touch.

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Headed Home!

We are sitting in the airport in Bogota. This has been a fruitful trip and we are leaving behind many new friends that we hope one day to see again. We were able to serve both traditional churches and also a budding house church presence that I will look forward to watching from afar. All the same it will be wonderful to be home and in our own bed! A shower that reliably produces hot and cold water wI’ll be nice, too.

I don’t doubt we’ll return to Colombia again.

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Bogota (Day 3)

Finished the school yesterday. Right now we are waiting for a ride to a local church where Dan is going to preach. The church is a young fellowship that may be interested in being an iglecasa (eeglay-casa, ie, a house church). We have discovered a surprising interest in simple churches.


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In Bogota (Day 2 )

After a laid-back morning we are teaching the school of leadership to local church folks. These are eager and friendly people. We have less time than in Medellin but things are going well. Pray that we don’t leave anything undone.


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