Women’s Bible Study Resumes

Acts THMJody has begun a new year of teaching the women’s Bible study at Montavilla Church. Each session will be posted at right in the sidebar.

Thoughts on Silence

Silence. It can be empty or full.

Consider the void of space before time. Empty. Null. Dark. Yet, God spoke in the silence All that is, became.

We are threatened by silence because it is beyond us. We cannot make it speak or dance. Only God can turn that which is not into something that is. Continue reading Thoughts on Silence

Consider the Possibility

Helloooo…anyone out there?

I do not think humanity is living in a whole-world simulation. But because the simulation argument seems to work, what it seems to do is to uncover deep discrepancies . . . in how people think about deep reality — about this universe, multiple universes, consciousness, inferences for and against theism. (From the article)

First, in the interest of full disclosure, I have not carefully read the article I’m linking to. I’m including it here, though, because it makes a point I’ve made before (Cosmology, Culture and the Multiverse, May 2012). Scientists and cosmologists, in grappling with the questions of existence, tend to leave room for the possibility of God in their considerations whether they recognize it or not. The point is simply this: atheism is to disregard real possibilities — as closed-minded as any religious zealot. To say one is agnostic is a more honest position.

What interests me when I hear about learned men and women exploring the possibilities as Carl Sagan did in his book, Contact (later to become a movie starring Jody Foster) is that they must dodge the God solution. They  have an easier time attributing the vexing mysteries of the universe to advanced civilizations, not unlike ourselves but for their evolutionary superiority, than to attribute it to an infinite, personal consciousness — Schaeffer’s “God who is there.”

Here’s the link: Is Our Universe a Fake?

We Have Failed Our Eyes

ComaTheir eyes had failed them.
Or they had failed their eyes…
~The Glass Menagerie

What have we done? That was the question that overwhelmed me as I was praying this morning—brought me to tears. What have we done? What kind of people have we evolved to be?

Perhaps you have heard it on the news. A nationally recognized health services organization has been recorded while talking openly about the harvesting and distribution of fetal tissue. When I heard about it from one of our household members I thought it was another right wing conspiracy theory, an urban legend that would soon appear at Snopes dot com.

It isn’t. It won’t. It is true. Continue reading We Have Failed Our Eyes

I like Jesus because…

jesus-thorncrown.JPGI like Jesus because He was a liberator. His words inspire me. Listen:

Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free … So, if the Son sets you free, you will be truly free (John 8:32, 36).

The Nazarene knew that his mission was freedom. He read about it in Isaiah 61:1-3. Proclaimed it to His neighbors in Luke 4:18-19 and demonstrated it when he healed the sick and raised the dead.

Look around. There  is  bondage everywhere. Continue reading I like Jesus because…

Same Sex Marriage: Raising Cain

Cain-AbelThe dispute over the acceptability of the covenant offering of heterosexual marriage as distinguished from a committed partnership is similar to the dispute between Cain and Abel. One offering was acceptable to God, the other was not. Even though Cain was undoubtedly sincere and his offering carefully prepared, his offering was rejected. This aroused resentment in Cain. When he learned that his contribution was not suitable to his Creator, “Cain was very angry, and his face fell” (Genesis 4:5-8).

You Make Me Mad

The same dynamic appears to be playing out today. When we declare that a same-sex partnership cannot be a marriage, an offering pleasing to God, there is a Cain-like reaction. Knowing the final outcome of Cain’s response does little to reassure me as we reject same-sex marriage. Nevertheless, we have to continue to regard marriage as an offering clearly planned by God Himself. Anything else, no matter how sincerely and lovingly presented, simply will not do.

So, does that make us hateful? Of course not. To differ with somebody does not mean we hate them. To say it does is semantic manipulation. You can read my thoughts about that here. 


The Cain principle is going to have far-reaching effects on the church.We should be ready. We are may be nearing TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it. At least the church world).  If you want to see what may lie ahead, click here. 

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