John Chapter 16

The Spirit, Joy and Victory
old domed ceiling with sunlight shining through window
  • The coming of the Holy Spirit.
  • Sorrow turning to Joy.
  • Victory over the world.
  • The scattering.

John Chapter 15

Jesus, the Vine
  • I am the Vine.
  • Abide in Me.
  • You are the branches.
  • Keep My commands.
  • The believer and the world.
  • No greater love.

John Chapter 14

Jody explores what has been called “The Farewell Discourse”
  • In my Father’s house are many mansions (dwelling places).
  • If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.
  • You will do my works.
  • I will not leave you as orphans.
  • Peace I give unto you.
Notes and Workbook

John Chapter 14

John 13

An Uncomfortable Act of Service

In preparation for His departure, Jesus prepares His disciples for the mission that lies ahead for them.

Notes & Workbook

John 13 Notes

Dan takes over for Jody who is attending the “Finishing the Task” conference in Southern California.

John Chapter 13

Fall 2021 Introduction

Welcome back to the Montavilla Women’s Bible Study.

Jody begins this year’s study with a summary of Jesus’ interaction with His disciples during what is called the “last supper.”

This fall we return to in-person meetings after being virtual all last year because of COVID. You’ll notice some hiccups as we make the transition, but we know you’ll manage!

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