Abide Team: Report from Medellin

Dear Ones,

Thank you for praying. As I write, Karen is here worshiping with her flags and Jody is ironing. We are back at Gary and Mary Lou’s house and we have a day to do laundry, relax and regroup before we head for our last School of Ministry in Baranquilla. We have been so blessed here in Medellin. The school of Ministry has been accepted with such Joy. One person said ” You have no idea how much this teaching on Marriage is needed in our country. Our marriages are being devastated and we need to learn how to do things God’s way.” They can’t wait to get all the material to start marriage RX and the good news is I brought a video camera and one of the missionaries had one so we were able to video all of Marriage RX WITH translation which will hopefully speed up our ability to get all the information to them.

We were blessed with two more translators, gals who lived in the US and are now living here. In fact the gal who translated for Gail is actually coming to Baranquilla with us to help there; she was so good. Gail was bitten by a spider or something, Today she is going to the Dr. just so we are sure we don’t have a problem in Baranquilla. Her foot has been swollen and red…yesterday it was climbing up her leg but today it is only on the top of her foot. For precaution we will have her see the Dr.

Gail’s class was small which turned out to be a good thing. Within the first ten minutes of the class someone was crying. She had one woman who had a terrible headache and as they began praying for her she was spitting up blood. She lives in the mountains and it turned out generational stuff had to be dealt with. As you can imagine, there is a lot of idol worship and such in their history. Much individual ministry was done which served as an example of how to do healing prayer.

Sonship was so exciting, it seems the theme for Medellin is that the people need to learn to walk in their Godly Inheritance. Bogota was Setting Captives Free, here in Medellin, they have learned to listen to God, so now it is next steps. One gal who leads in her church has been designing a discipleship program for everyone in her church. They were going to have one for the new believers, one for single women etc. She sat in Sonship and said, “I could use this study for each of these groups.” And Jody, said if you mix the new believers with the older believers the young will get spiritual parents and their hunger will fuel the older believers to dig to be ready to feed the younger ones. We prayed over 8 people who wanted to start a group when we left. God has met us amazingly.

Karen did her Worship class and a woman who has been leading worship for 20 years said I have been doing it all wrong and this is such a blessing to learn. The people who were in Worship class all exchanged emails and phone numbers and they are going to continue to meet and go over the handouts and learn what God has for Colombia in Worship. Karen spoke of the problems in people’s lives that were in her class and said, “I listen to their problems and think we are such whiners in the US. These people are living with backgrounds of abuse, abandonment and poverty, and they don’t complain, they just ask for prayer.” It was truly eye opening to the grace of God.

EACH and every class really got it. They are excited to continue learning more from the handouts. and studying the material when we leave…at the end they had us up front and gave each of us a traditional Colombian painting. (Small enough to carry home) and while we were standing there they said we want to invest in your ministry as you have invested in us and we want to plant a seed that God will send you to other nations as He has sent you to us. THEN they took an offering for the ministry. We were undone! We were all crying and so blessed by this. When the poorest of the poor give you an offering it is just overwhelming.

Then we came home and Jody got the news that Dan had been fired from the church where he was pastoring. Dan has blogged about this at their website ‘tween2worlds.com She was shaken for a moment, and it was a bit disorienting for a time, but God is in control, not men. Please pray for God’s purpose in this event and we are specifically praying that while they are away from each other, God will speak to each of them as to what is next. It does cut their salary significantly so lets pray for God’s provision. We know God is in Control and we bless Dan for what God has in the future.

Once we leave Medellin the internet supply is questionable. We are not sure where we will have it and where we won’t. When we went to the school here it was in the mountains and we had none. So HOPEFULLY somewhere along the line we will encounter a connection again and I will send more reports. But if you don’t hear from me you will know we didn’t find a connection.

Thank you all for your prayers, we are so blessed to be on the field with the Lord and remember He gave us that scripture that You are just as blessed as you stay with the “baggage you get the same portion of the booty” I Sam 30:24. God bless you all.

Love you all and wish I could see your face to kiss it and say thanks for praying for us.


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