Prayer for Barranquilla

I just received this note from the Abide team in Colombia. Jody is with Claudia. Here’s the note:


Dear Ones,
We arrived in Barranquilla this morning with much confusion and it was late for us to start.  The opposition is over the top here.  We are in the main port of Colombia, God alone knows what comes into this port daily.  There is a spirit of confusion and division amongst those coming in.  (took longer to drive here, things were not ready, etc. )  We need to be held up.

I also got a report from home that it’s all falling in there too.  Besides Dan being fired, my family at the farm is in an uproar.  One dear mother has had a major stroke and they found a mass in her head.  My cousin was told she has cancer for the third time and we don’t know where the source is yet, but it is in her tonsils and neck lymph nodes.

We are all tired and ready to come home, the hotel we are in is very old in Barranquilla where the temperatures are very hot.  We do have SOME air conditioning but all halls and dining rooms are not air conditioned.

We are standing firm in our call and our unity as the chaos around us is trying to tear us up.  God has blessed us with spiritual sight and discernment to know we are battling a port city with sentries at the gate, those sentries are fear and death and Jesus has conquered both.  We will be happy to receive your prayers…we are moving forward with the courage of the Lord.  Need to get to the next session…more later tonight.
Love you all.

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