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The Mayhews have been married 50 years. They have three grown children and seven grandchildren. They began their journey with Christ on the first day of their married life with the help of a Gideon Bible in the honeymoon suite at Portland’s Benson Hotel. They have been exploring the life of a follower of Jesus, ever since.

Just what is relevant to a people who are called to be in the world and not of it? Jesus made us outsiders, living between the worlds –-bound for eternity but stranded in time. Yet that doesn’t mean we are to be indifferent to the world that we’ve been called out of. Our Master left us with this vital task: love the world as he loved the world. Follow his example and do as he has done. So, what now? How much of this world do we embrace? How much do we discard? As Jayber Crow, the barber of the Port William membership asked,

“If a person loved the world . . . what would be next”


Jody Mayhew has worked with women as a teacher and biblical counselor for over twenty-five years. For several years she served as the director of women’s ministries for a 1200 member congregation in Portland, Oregon, where she supervised a dozen women’s bible studies while continuing a fruitful teaching ministry and developing an equally productive counseling ministry. In affiliation with a local ministry of, Jody worked for seven years as a counselor with those who struggled with issues of sexual identity. Presently, Jody works with her husband, Dan, among a community of home-based churches called the Summit Fellowships. She is national women’s representative for International Renewal Ministries and works as a facilitator of prayer summits for men and women in ministry. Jody teaches at retreats and conferences, and helps local churches develop and strengthen their women’s ministries. In 2010, she and a team of women, began Abide Ministries which presents schools of prayer, ministry and leadership worldwide.

Jody often teaches about developing intimacy with Jesus, and about God’s call upon women to maturity in Christ. She is particularly interested in the woman’s role in the church.

Dan Mayhew is a former high school teacher. He holds a degree in communication and theater from Portland State University, and a MAT from Lewis and Clark College. After several years as a teacher, he served as associate pastor of a congregation of about 1200 in Portland, Oregon. In 1990, Dan began a community of home-based churches called The Summit Fellowships where he serves as a church planter, teacher and encourager.  In addition, he assists International Renewal Ministries by facilitating Pastor’s Prayer Summits throughout the Northwest and across the country in an effort to bring pastors of all denominations and traditions together for prayer. Dan has facilitated workshops related to house churches, and is requested as a speaker. He encourages Christians to reevaluate traditional methodology and structures in response to what he sees as the changing world of the American church.  He is also a writer and has been a regular humor columnist in several newspapers, some of which are published, his books are, The Butterfly and the Stone – A son. A father. God’s love on a prodigal journey; Sword of Submission – Reclaiming the power of being human; Marriage RX – Prescription for a radical marriage; and various short books of humorous writing. His writing is available on at, www.danmayhew.net and www.twoworldsmedia.com

Together, Dan and Jody count it a privilege to serve in various local congregations including Montavilla Baptist Church in Portland. 

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