This is our home on the web…

We’re Dan & Jody Mayhew. We’ve been working together in the service of the Lord since the first day of our marriage when He reminded us that we had spoken of making a commitment to the Jesus life after we got married. So, there at the Benson Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon, we gave our hearts to the Lord and began an adventure of faith that continues to this day.

We summarize what we do this way:

Encouraging the forward movement of the Kingdom through churches of the heart.

These days we find ourselves spread across several areas. Our family includes our three grown children and five grandchildren. Our work includes ministering among a community of house churches called The Summit Fellowships, teaching responsibilities at Montavilla Baptist Church, a local congregation; conducting Marriage Rx, a seminar on marriage as ministry; speaking and writing. Jody, travels extensively as the women’s representative for International Renewal Ministries and as a team member with Abide ministries, which brings schools of prayer, ministry and leadership to locations worldwide. Links to these activities and more are in the menu bar above.

This site is a window on our life together with Jesus. Welcome! Feel free to browse, listen to recent teachings, read about what we’re up to or what we’ve been thinking about. Our most recent thoughts are to the left under, “Blog Posts.”

Helping Restless Christians on the Road to Adventure