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Podcast Change

It has occurred to me that Jody’s studies are available on the website twice, once as a “sermon” and the second as a “podcast.” The second instance of her teachings in this space, as a post, is redundant because they are already a “podcast.” If you need a podcast feed for Jody’s Bible Study, use…

This address has always been available. The one I added back in September turned out to be unnecessary. All her teachings are, as they always been, available in the right sidebar under “Recent Teachings,” but going forward I won’t be posting them in this space, too.

Podcast: Acts 19 (Pt. 1)

Dan stands in for Jody while she is out of town. He explores the story of Paul’s encounter with 12 students of Apollos.

Acts 17 (Pt. 1)

Jody is away at a Prayer Summit so Dan steps in with an introduction to Paul’s journey to Athens.

Oops! No Podcast

Due to technical difficulties, there isn’t a podcast/Bible study today. Jody will be back online next time. Sorry about that!

Podcast: Acts 16 (Pt. 2)

Jody completes her exploration of Acts 16.

Podcast Mania!

I’ve been told I have a face for radio…

Well, we finally caught up with the crowd and started doing some actual pod-casting. Jody has been doing a video blog all year (she’s on Day 305 today! Wow! If you haven’t been following her exploration of walking in the Spirit, it’s never too late!). But until now, we haven’t formally done podcasts.

This fall I started, by loading Jody’s weekly Bible study as a Podcast on this site, and last week I launched two new podcasts, called “Church of the Heart” and “Read Between the Worlds.” The first is hosted at the Summit Fellowships site because it deals with relational, mostly small-group church expressions. The second, is hosted at our bookstore, Two Worlds Media. That podcast is devoted to indie publishing and writing,  and features the indie books that appear on the site.

Click the images to listen and/or subscribe. I’m excited to be able to talk about the issues that are important to us. It’s been fun lining up interviews and considering content for these things. If you have any ideas, be sure to suggest them. I worry about running out of good content.

PS- I also do an occasional (very) video blog called I’ve Been Thinking, but I haven’t posted for awhile. Maybe I’ll get myself in gear and get on that again, too.