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Jody Mayhew has been a consultant and director of women’s ministries for over 30 years. As a teacher, she has carried her message of intimacy with God and a passion for His presence to four continents. In her role as women's representative for International Renewal Ministries, Jody facilitates Prayer Summits worldwide and advises leadership teams in corporate prayer. She is a founding member of Abide Ministries with the purpose of calling women to deeper relationship with the Lord and into active service in ministry. When at home in Portland, Oregon Jody ministers with her husband, Dan, teaching Bible studies, serving a traditional congregation, and coaching a community of house churches. The Mayhews have been married for 42 years and have three grown children and five grandchildren.

8/6-More from Jody…

[4:36 pm - Asyut, Egypt - 8/6/08]

I have a lump on my head but no other symptoms.  It was so fast and so
hard and we instantly recognized who was at work.

I taught my second message and then we spent an hour [with] questions--
then spent about an hour praying for people.  This place has a definite
stronghold that effects the eyes.  I can't remember what the name of
Asyut means--Luci found out last year on the internet--do you remember?
I am thinking it has something to do with the eyes--and the amount of
infirmity we are seeing.  Back at the hotel for a rest and then we
will go to dinner around 7pm.  Love jody

Update First Session

[Prayer needs: 1) Recovering Jody's suitcase. 2) Protection (see below).]


[12:06 pm - Asyut, Egypt - 8/6/08]

I just finished teaching my first session--on being daughters of the

father. I ended by having them respond to an altar call.  I would

say about 50 came to Christ and the majority responded to my request

that they mature--huios--in him*. I went to step down the stairs-

and fell forward-on my knees and then got pushed by something--

and I do mean it was different than my normal clumsy--I fell

backward and hit my head on the concrete.  It went black.

Eliane started throwing water on me--thinking I fainted--so now

I am hurt and wet. I will probably have a lump but will be fine.

Love Jody

[*Jody has been teaching a message on 'sonship' that emphasizes

the importance of growing beyond being children in faith

(teknon)and into mature sons/daughters that reflect the

character of the Father (huios). Romans 8.15-23.]

In Cairo. No Luggage…

[August 5 - 4:38pm - Egypt]

I am in cairo. I have no luggage and don't know if or when.
We have stopped for dinner.

[OK. Y'all know what to do! Dan]


[August 5 – 7:49 AM – Germany]

I made it to Frankfurt –still don,t know about my luggage. Battery on the phone is getting lower so will save it for Cairo.

Jody’s Prayer Team

Dear Friends,

Many of you are aware that I am about to leave on two significant mission trips. I will be traveling to Egypt to teach from August 4-14, and then to Ecuador and Columbia from August 22-Sept 6th. As I write to you, I am very aware of the natural dangers to face in this travel, and I am committed to walking in utter submission to the Lord, set apart—consecrated for this journey, and walking in wisdom, as we hear Him speak. There will be frequent updates ( when possible ) that Dan will be mailing out. I am asking for a group of men and women to be on high alert in prayer during this next season of time—not just for me, but for others in your ‘oikos’—your own spiritual household. Even as the Lord is having us buy up opportunities for the sake of the Kingdom, we cannot forget to ‘defend forward’ in prayer. Would you be willing to commit to ‘guard duty’ for the next 4-6 weeks? Would you be willing to take the same time block each day ( and / or night ) and pray for Claudia Dunne and I as we minister in Egypt and for Daryl Knudeson and I as we minister in Ecuador and Columbia? But I would ask you to think this through in some additional ways. In any military, guard duty is shared whether during peace or at a time of heightened alert and warfare. This seems to be a time of heightened alert. Would you choose a time, daily, where you lift—in prayer—before the Father, the names and needs of those you are in spiritual relationship with? Would you respond to this email with some commitment of your own for a season of ‘guard duty’? I have some unprecedented opportunities for ministry on these two trips. Could you listen for the voice of the Father, and pray in response to what you hear? If you are willing, please hit reply and let us know when the Lord will have you before His throne. I love you and I am blessed to walk out this partnership with you.

Blessings, Jody

Morning in Budapest

Last night Claudia and I met with ministry leaders from all over Russia and Europe. We were seated in between the Campus Crusade director for ministry for Russia and on my right was Hannu–the key man for the National Day of Prayer –Crystaltag(sp)–in Finland in October. He shared his heart and heard ours. He wants to meet us to pray this afternoon and to listen for what the Lord would say to us. While we were sitting there, a man from the VP’s council walked up and started talking to Claudia about being the coordinator for this happening in other countries. Poland is already interested in having their own gathering. They have shared their vision for Europe, and after being on the campus yesterday, witnessing, you can see how ripe the fields are here. There is a real sense of the absence of God and an entire generation that has not heard the gospel. Please continue to pray–these certainly seem to be key days for His Kingdom.

Blessings, Jody