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Jody Mayhew has been a consultant and director of women’s ministries for over 30 years. As a teacher, she has carried her message of intimacy with God and a passion for His presence to four continents. In her role as women's representative for International Renewal Ministries, Jody facilitates Prayer Summits worldwide and advises leadership teams in corporate prayer. She is a founding member of Abide Ministries with the purpose of calling women to deeper relationship with the Lord and into active service in ministry. When at home in Portland, Oregon Jody ministers with her husband, Dan, teaching Bible studies, serving a traditional congregation, and coaching a community of house churches. The Mayhews have been married for 42 years and have three grown children and five grandchildren.

Jody: Hotel in Cairo

i have checked into my room--sheer luxury--clean soft bed--bathroom with
toilet--and air conditioning---what a blessing.  Here I am with only one
day left on my trip and now I finally have my suitcase--real clean clothes.
I know that the lord must have inspired my packing--because I went the
whole trip with what I had in 2 one gallon ziplock bags.  I think it was
a good lesson on what is really important and just how little we can
manage with. The only thing I really borrowed was a nightgown, shampoo,
and moisturizer. We are now checked into our room with a view of the
pyramids out our window. When I got my luggage--nothing seemed to be
missing.  - love, Jody

Jody: On the Road to Cairo – 8/12/08

Note: I told Jody that the weather forecast for her arrival on Thursday
morning was in the high nineties.

I am not happy with your weather forecast for my homecoming--how about
a day at the beach or Oneonta Gorge?  I have just left Samalout to
travel to Cairo.  It takes about 4 hours to arrive.  Last night we
stayed in Atef and Rhonda's house. Hot with only a small fan. Sweat
all night with not much sleep.  Looking forward to hotel for tonight.

(Note: I received a second note this morning. Here it is:)

We have reached Giza--just now driving by the pyramids!!!!!


Jody: End of day update – Monday, Aug. 11

I just finished teaching for the day.  Of all the cities we travel to in
egypt--this one seems the ripest for the will of god. We have also faced
warfare for the last two days in some unexpected ways.  Yesterday I had a
translator who didn't translate--he tried to interpret and didn't
understand spiritual things--so he was giving his own take on it, too
-the women recognized this as well as eliane-- she interpreted for me
today.  Then today some of the pastors wanted to take advantage of the
large crowd we had gathered and decided they wanted the stage to give
a gospel presentation.  For the next 40 minutes they used the hammer
approach to reach the unbelievers--loud yelling--high volume--stirred
emotions--but the faces of the women showed their disappointment. You
can take the hammer approach or the honey approach.  We had loved them
and they knew it.  I don't want to judge their hearts at all--it was
just extremely difficult for the women and for us--and praise god--we
had a time of worship with Majed before speaking again.  During the last
session on [culturally sensitive issue] I called for women to understand
the difference between the multitudes and the disciples--those who will
say yes to Jesus as a disciple and follow him only--and leave following
the traditions and customs to the multitude.  I asked people to close
their eyes and respond only to the Lord and not one another--about 150
women stood and let Jesus know their heart was to follow him only.

The lord is good and proved himself victorious in spite of setbacks.
Thank you for praying--will write again later. Love Jody

Jody: Sunday AM (PM, in Egypt)

Just finished teaching for the day--they had arranged a male translator
for me todaY and eliane says he didn't do a great job of it.  I have to
trust that the spirit compensates for any weakness.  A woman came up at
the end and said she wanted jesus to heal her but she wanted to invite
him inro her life first--so I prayed for her and have her picture to
show you.

Majed was the worship leader again--the man who had been resurrected from
the dead--and it was incredible to be with him leading. Us into his
presence..  Love to you. Jody

Jody: Morning Update 8/10/08

I got home and in bed at around 2am--what part about sleeping at night
don't they understand?  We were attending a dinner at Atef's sister's
house that they prepared for us.  I guess we were invited to go to a
party for the wedding following our meal and we drove by it on the way
home--but we said we were tired.  Even with that--we still didn't get
home till 2am.  We sat out on their roof after dinner and it was the
first cool air that I have felt--like a nice summer night at home on our
deck.  As we came down the steps to go home-a cat ran up the wall and
scared itself and us--then a rat ran under the door and freaked me out.

This place is not like home!

We have been honored wherever we are. Women functioning in the kingdom
is something encouraging for the women here.

Back to the meal last night--which was served at midnight--breaded
chicken,bbq chicken and beef, 2 different soups, rice with beans on top
and salad which we couldn't eat--then fresh mango juice for dessert. So
many verses in papas letters take on new significance---borrowing bread
at midnite for a friend who has come--or--last night as I sat on the roof
with claudia--i figured out the 10 virgins that fell asleep waiting for
the bridegroom--would have been Americans--we sleep when its nightime.
Love, jody

Jody: End of day update – 8/9/08

I am now on my way to samalout but first we jave to go to a wedding of
the host pastors sister--tho claudia still doesn't feel very well they
don't understand and there seems no way to decline.  We had people on
abu korkas that had waited around the 5 hrs since we finished teaching
just so they could say goodbye.  There is a little 6 year old girl named
sharee and she learned how to say, I love you jody." so that she could say
that to me.  A lot of love from these women and children.  I was the one
blessed to be here.  Only one more conference to teach--then we drive to
cairo on tuesday--have wednesday to look around--then go to the airport
shortly after midnight to fly out at 5 am on thursday morn--home on
that same morn.  Love you. Jody