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Jody Mayhew has been a consultant and director of women’s ministries for over 30 years. As a teacher, she has carried her message of intimacy with God and a passion for His presence to four continents. In her role as women's representative for International Renewal Ministries, Jody facilitates Prayer Summits worldwide and advises leadership teams in corporate prayer. She is a founding member of Abide Ministries with the purpose of calling women to deeper relationship with the Lord and into active service in ministry. When at home in Portland, Oregon Jody ministers with her husband, Dan, teaching Bible studies, serving a traditional congregation, and coaching a community of house churches. The Mayhews have been married for 42 years and have three grown children and five grandchildren.

Jody: Afternoon Update – 8/9/08

We just finished and have finally had a bite to eat. It was so hot while
I was teaching on [sensitive culture issue] that my heart was racing.
We were received even though this is a very hard topic for them to hear.
Over here each one gets married to their cousin--result--crossed eyes
and brain damaged kids. Then they ask us to pray for healing.  My heart
breaks. We will leave for samalout in 2 hours.  Love- jody

PS- Just one other small note--about 200-250 have already decided to move
to papas house--so glad he has prepared a place for them. Jody

Jody: Morning update 8/9/08

Yesterday when I woke up I was a bit sick to my stomach, but it cleared
up and I feel pretty good this morning.  I also saw one more request
answered when I had my own translator for the time of helping each
woman hear from papa. Just before bed eliane called the pastor in cairo
who was working on getting my luggage. The battery on his phone went dead
right in the middle of the conversation but it looks like they have found
it at this point and I will have it to fly home with but not while I am
here. Now for a woman to teach everyday on an international trip with no
bag--ala Luke 10--for the entire 2 weeks of my trip has been a test--but
my heart has never even been troubled.  The night before I left home I
had a thought to put 1 extra outfit in my backpack and I listened to him.
The good thing about them finding it is that I need all of that stuff
immediately for the next trip. Papa is so good.  Love to all--i am
getting up and starting my day now.  Love jody

Jody: End of day Update – 8/8/08

We are at the end of the day--almost 9pm and it is too hot to sit
outside. The donkeys are braying next door--the geese honking.  There
was a little girl I met last year who adopted me--cherie--she and her
brother were my shadows all day long. Wish I could bring them home with
me. Even though we divided up the prayer responsibility 3 ways--
eliane has spent the 2 hours since we finished dinner giving counsel to
women who have waited all day to talk.  Endurance is certainly required
here.  Love you. Jody

Jody: AM Update 8/8/08

[7:04 am – Abu Quorkas, Egypt – 8/8/08]

Coming into town last night I told claudia to close her eyes and guess
where she was--i was joking--but you could tell with every sense
in your body--it was so hot you could feel the weight of it--they were
burning garbage all around and the smell was smoky--our mouths were
dry and we were going by a loud loudspeaker with the nightly call to
prayer--it was unmistakable that we were no longer at home.  This place
for the second conference is the same as last year--it has its own guards
--we no longer have the regular ones.  Without the blackberry there would
have been no contact--the univ where we stayed in asyut had the internet
down and it isn,t available here.  I am still without luggage and no hope
of it in sight.  I don't even know if it will come home with me.  Remember
that vs about don't take a bag--i never thought he meant women on a 10
day trip in a hot place. I am peaceful--learning to rest in every way
with papa.  I am so thankful for all notes and mentions of papa.
Please talk to papa about dennis fuqua's grandbaby--accidentally dropped
and bleeding in brain--thanks. - love,  Jody

Jody Update – Evening 8/7/08

Today I taught about Jesus's simple rules for life--although they are
impossible without the holy spirit.  Then I taught about "c".  You could
hear a pin drop in there.  I don't know what the response was--it
felt heavy--like I was pushing against a huge iron gate--like the kind
that locks up a whole city.  I met a woman with a 2 month old baby--she
told me I had prayed for her last year and the lord answered. We are
leaving now for the next conference up in Minya and Abou Korkas.  It is
a 2 hour drive and it is already 6pm.  We had a second altar call this
morning--claudia shared about sharing the good news but we must know him
to share him.  I shared the difference between disciples and multitudes
--some follow for food and healing and miracles--then jesus leaves town.
Disciples are called to lay down theirblife to follow.  About 100 women
gave their lives to him.  May all mixture leave the soil.
Love to you all--i appreciate your notes.  Love and blessings--jody

Jody Morning Update – 8/7/08

[6:00AM – Asyut, Egypt – 8/7/08]

Good morning--I believe it is wednesday night for you and it is just
after 6am for me. I still don,t know anything about my luggage--they had
me leave the key with them so it could go thru customs.  The only thing
to think about is those boxes that Luci sent along--the things inside
are hard to explain to anyone. The Cairo pastor is going to go to the
airport to try to find out about it. When we went to dinner last night
--not KFC*--they sent a van of guards to watch us--I have to stay on
full alert.

We finish in asyut and travel this afternoon to abou korkas. Today I
teach about [some sensitive subjects that I was asked to share on].

Love to all.
Blessings and hugs, jody

[* On the last trip to Asyut the only reliable food nearby was a KFC.
She got absolutely TIRED of chicken!]