And We Have Liftoff!

LaunchLaunch: To start or set in motion an activity or enterprise.

I was invited to a launch party today. Cape Canaveral? No….a new friend’s living room.

I met her husband and children and friends as they gathered to pray and bless her new endeavor. In the midst of days filled with diapers, she said yes to one more ‘birth’. Today she launched her blog…..

As I prayed for her, I considered the prophets. When we read the first chapters of Isaiah or Jeremiah or Ezekiel, we watch God launch one more venue for His voice to touch the world. Today, as I prayed for Cheree, I saw how small obediences, faithfully executed,  give The Lord opportunity to speak to us and through us, for His glory.  I will listen for lessons He might have for me as Cheree explores “hope, wonder and curiosity.”

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