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Daniel Chapter 10

The study of Daniel takes on a slightly slower, more comprehensible pace after the whirlwind of prophetic dreams and visions as the book moves toward a reflection on history instead of glimpses of future events.

Daniel Chapter 9 (Pt. 3)

Part three of Jody’s three part exploration of chapter 9.

Daniel 9 (Pt. 2)

Jody continues her exploration of the 8th chapter of Daniel.

Daniel Chapter 9

Jody finishes up the last of chapter eight and plunges onward into chapter nine as this year’s study follows Daniel through a lifetime of faithfulness following God. 

Daniel Chapter 8

Having put the rigors of Chapter 7 behind us, Jody begins to explore Daniel 8.

Daniel 7 (Part 4)

More exploring in a challenging chapter filled with dreams, visions and amazing images. It’s some pretty tough going as Jody attempts to discover the meanings in this chapter. Join her as she steps into the time machine that is Daniel 7.