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Random Thoughts: The Price of Neglect

(from Acts 2:42)
If we neglect…
The Lord’s Table, which is the revelation of His truth,
The teaching of the apostles, the application of His truth,
Prayer, the reflection of His truth,
Fellowship, the expression of His truth,
Or the persistent conveyance of redemption outside the community of the saints, which is the translation of His truth,
Then we will never wholly embrace our Lord.

Quote: John Paul II

Young Pope.jpgI, too, was 20, like you. I enjoyed sports, skiing, acting. I studied and I worked. I had desires and worries. In those years, now so long ago, when my native Land was wounded by war and then by the totalitarian regime, I sought the meaning to give to my life. I found it in following the Lord Jesus.

Dear young woman, dear young man, youth is the period in which you wonder what to do with your life, how to contribute to making the world a little better, how to encourage justice and build peace. Do not tire of training yourselves in the difficult discipline of listening. Listen to the voice of the Lord who is speaking to you through the events of daily life, through the joys and sufferings that go with it, the people who are close to you, the voice of your conscience thirsting for truth, happiness, goodness and beauty.

If you are able to open your hearts and minds with generosity, you will discover “your vocation”, in other words, the plan that God in his love has devised for you from eternity.

–Pope John Paul II in June, 2004. Taken from the web page for the Catholic chaplaincy at Glasgow Caledonian University in Scotland:

Reflections: God as Artist

I have noticed that paintings are best appreciated from a distance. It is from across the room that a painting is likely to stir the heart and awaken our emotions. Often, when we step closer we see the nuances of color, the technique and the skillful use of texture. Focusing on the details, we can appreciate the genius of the artist,but the wholeness of the painting is lost. Moreover, most artists are not as interested in showcasing their technique as they are in revealing their heart and awakening the heart of others. That is the difference between an artist and a narcissist.

God is an artist.

Truth Floats

Love: to act for the benefit of another—visibly, practically and intentionally.

I talked to an old farmer and mill worker moments ago. George was his name. He asked me about house churches and remarked about the need for simplicity. He told of a renowned theologian who was asked about the most profound truth he had discovered. The answer: “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so…”

George, speaking of himself, said that he was a simple man and I believed him. His face was leathered; his features were angular, steadfast and determined, crowned with mussed gray hair. The thing I noticed most were his hands. They were big, hard looking hands, scarred and square, at home with machines and tools. The thumbnail was rough, split sometime by a cruel machine.

A simple man, he said.

Jesus loves me. Love one another. How are we doing on the simple things? In them are found the deepest truths. Love is of God and everyone who loves is born of God and knows Him. Love is the mark of a disciple. Love never fails. God is love. God so loved the world…

What need do we have of deeper truth when the deepest truth floats on the surface of the scriptures?

Transforming Friendship

Meditation looks for peace in the isolation of the soul.

Prayer finds peace in the communion of the spirit.

Isolation and desolation are brothers.

Communion and completion are Father and child.