Do you want a Jeep?

Ten years ago, in the days running up to my fiftieth birthday, I made it known to my husband that I wanted a jeep for my birthday.  I saw myself as a ‘jeep’–more of an off-road kind of person, and thought that an SUV was just my kind of vehicle.  I voiced this request–lets say, enough to be heard.  One evening, as the church was gathering in our living room, I sat down and began to quiet myself in preparation for worship.

I heard the Lord ask me a question. ”Jody, if I were to manifest your hearts desire right now–without asking you–what would be in the middle of the room?

A jeep?

Everything you have asked for concerning your son?

I realized, in that moment, that if my hearts’ desire could be manifest in the middle of the room, I would only want it to be the Lord.

If the Lord were to manifest your hearts desire—at this moment–what would it be?

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