On with the Worship (Show)

220px-GreatestI’ve been talking to my fellow Zootron alien*, Ben. He’s a musician — one of the breed who would rather worship than put on a show. I like that. So much of our church experience has a performance-like quality to it that seems forced, somehow. Here’s a link that puts a really fine point on that. It’s called Sunday Morning, the Trailer.

It’s pretty clear that worship isn’t just music, or even words, for that matter. So, what’s your take on worship? If it isn’t just a church performance, then what is it? How should it look … feel … be?

* Many years back, one of our boarders (we live in something of a community) called our house The Planet Zootron because of our unique brand of “stampede living.” 


4 thoughts on “On with the Worship (Show)”

  1. What’s worship? It’s making love to God.

    How should that look/feel/be? I’m not sure the “should” belongs in that question.

    How *does* it look and feel? As with all intimate expressions of love, that varies . . . almost infinitely.

    But one thing’s for sure: scripting isn’t necessary. When the magi visited the probably two-year-old Jesus, they *worshiped* Him. And anybody who thinks scripting and two-year-olds go together has most likely never met a two-year-old. That image encourages me to worship in the bedlam!

    1. Good point about “should,” Carolyn. That’s part of the problem, isn’t it? We presume many things and then tag them as “worship.” And I really like the comment about two year-olds. I hadn’t thought about the magi chasing a toddler around the house to worship! PS-Thanks for catching the typo. I was dashing out for a lunch appointment and didn’t take time to proofread–probably wouldn’t have caught it, anyway ;).

  2. I think I maybe on the other side of this question/discussion. But then who would be surprised? God has brought me close in His presence in all kinds of places and circumstances. From Dave Brubeck to Braham and everything in between. I was moved last week at a gospel music concert. I have been brought closer to God by secular as well as “Christian” authors and speakers and as a results found myself at a place of worship. Might the issue not so much about performance and what do we need to do to stay away from that and more about being in tune with where the Spirit is leading me at this moment in time. What are the things that need to be cleared out of the way so the the medium doesn’t matter. That was so essential last week at 242 and Ben’s spirit was very in tune to that. Thanks Ben for leading us.
    My apologies for the typos you might find.

    1. Good point, Dave. I was once told by a guy that he came to faith after watching Star Wars! Still, I get really nervous when our gatherings for worship seem to be borrowed from the world. God can use any venue for His purposes, but I wonder how much of the world we should let sneak by in the name of worship.

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