Take a Walk with the Spirit

739744c50d890f75ee8ef4ce_640_walking1Walking in the Spirit is not a new set of religious activities and experiences. It is learning to be led by the internal presence of the third person of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit. It is learning to walk in the rhythm of a ‘will’ that differs with your own, and deferring to Him as His will is discerned. It becomes a transition of leadership from the soul to the Spirit; having the life of the Lord Jesus reproduced in me and through me rather than walking according to the thoughts and inclinations of the flesh. The new life of the Spirit grows and becomes evident progressively within us; until the likeness of Christ is fully formed within.

Walking in the Spirit is to be constantly conducting ourselves in the sphere of the Spirit (as though you were continually in His imminent presence). That is, determine every thought, word, and deed by the leading of the Spirit through the Word, and think every thought, speak every word, and do every deed, in an attitude of entire dependence upon the Holy Spirit’s empowering energy.

” But I say, through the instrumentality of the Spirit habitually order your manner of life, and you will in no wise execute the passionate desire of the evil nature, for the evil nature constantly has a strong desire to suppress the Spirit, and the Spirit constantly has a strong desire to suppress the evil nature. And these are entrenched in an attitude of mutual opposition to one another so that you may not do the things you desire to do” (expanded version of New Testament- Kenneth Wuest).

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