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Church in a season of change – Part 4

Met with “Gathering 242” last night. As always, it was a sweet time of being together. These things are very informal. We always start by serving the bread and the cup to one another, like a family meal. Then we give thanks as we share the elements. We tell of “God sightings” and answers to prayer, all as we pass the plate of bread around and as we fill and refill on another’s cup–this is His body, His blood. Give thanks. Eventually, we dish up the other food that we brought, talk and pray until we are satisfied. Like a said, a sweet time.

Last night, I felt led to stay after the gathering and pray concerning The Vine. Two other brothers, Tim and Jim, stayed with me. We meandered into the auditorium and prayed. Lord, what do you have in store for The Vine? Should we be doing this? What should we be doing?

Pray with us, will ya? Lord willing (and I mean that) The Vine will have it’s first assembly September 10th at the church. I’ll blog about vision and purpose over the next couple days.

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