Community: Leadership Breathes

A friend of mine once said, “In the church, leadership is like breathing. It happens or the body dies.”

Other thoughts:
Leaders don’t create communities. Communities raise up leaders to express and manifest the character of the community.

In its infancy a vision is shaped by people, but in its maturity people are shaped by the vision.
Leadership is not for the assertive but for the submissive.

Grapes and elders are much the same. They both must be crushed, aged and poured out before they are set before the people of God. They are also like bread, the must be crushed, mixed with oil and passed through the fire.

We may follow the direction of a leader and find that the leader is no more than a “benefactor.” In the church, we are to follow the example of a servant. It is from such examples that elders are recognized.

True leadership is worthy to be followed not because it bears a title, but because it bears a burden.

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