Mac Church – Acts 13 (Pt. 1)

Acts 13:1-2 The Interdependent Church

First is a series on the Acts 13. (Outlined notes of the message are below).


I. Pre-summary of Acts 13.1-4.

A. Antioch is, in some ways, a prototype.

1. Acts 13 gives us a glimpse of interdependent people.

2. The church taking action.

3. These things are under the supervision of the Holy Spirit.

B. The first four verses speak of two things.

1. The “Who” of the church. The Holy Spirit gives gifts.

(a) Gifts of the Spirit.

(b) Diverse society of the church.

2. The “What.” The Holy Spirit gives direction.

(a) Peter and Cornelius were both instructed by the Spirit.

(b) The Holy Spirit speaks here in Acts 13 (more about that later).

II. The Church is made up of complimentary and cooperative gifts (vs. 1).

A. Two gifts are mentioned, but more are likely.

1. Gifts in scripture: Romans 12; 1 Corinthians 12; Ephesians 4.

2. Multiple gifts are for singular collaborative outcome.

® As I come to Mac Church, I come, not as a multi-skilled professional worker or employee; I come as one gift among many that are already at work here. I am concerned about our use of the term “pastor” as a title, when we ought to understand it to be a description. The work of the ministry won’t be done unless all the gifts are released to function in complimentary fashion. We are all God’s gift to the church!

B. Reflections on “Pastor ” as a title.

1. Used as a universal title of authority and responsibility in the church.

2. Appears as such in scripture only once in Ephesians 4.

(a) Tied closely with the teacher (I don’t think they are interchangeable).

(b) There is an overlap of gifting. Ex: Barnabas and Saul are also “apostles.”

3. The word, poimen (poy-mayne) is all other times translated, “shepherd”.

(a) Four times it means and literal “herdsman” (Luke 2).

(b) Three times it is a metaphorical description of people in confusion.

(c) Ten times it refers to Jesus.

4. Eleven times used as a verb.

(a) Most often used as a guide, protector and provider.

(b) When strong rulership is in view, it applies to Jesus.

5. Multiple gifts function in cooperation.

(a) Each has its scope of greatest competency.

(b) One gift is to strengthen the other.

® Example: A pastor is keenly aware of people’s hurts and confusion. The teacher may be brilliantly clueless about hose things. In that situation the pastor becomes the “ear” for the teacher.

(c) The body metaphor of 1 Corinthians 12.15-21 is a good illustration.

C. Prophets and teachers are specified.

1. Language suggests that Barnabas, Simeon, Lucius are prophets.

2. Suggests Manaen and Saul are teachers.

3. Barnabas and Saul are also called apostles (Acts 14.14; 1 Cor. 9.1-6).

III. The Church: Made up of diverse and interdependent people.

A. Two approaches to relationship.

1. Independent.

2. Interdependent.

B. Diversity in the church.

1. Barnabas, a Cypriot Jew and priest.

2. Simeon, called Niger, was likely a black man from Africa.

3. Lucius of Cyrene. Also, from Africa.

4. Manaen, a foster brother to Herod Antipas. Born of power and privilege.

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