Mac: Church Life & Exodus 15 (pt. 2)

The Nature and Purpose of the Church: Calling one another to love and good deeds; sharing things and hospitality.

The Song of Moses: Preparing a place for God; Praise and worship.

(Outline notes below)


Part 1: Nature and Purpose of the Church – The “one anothers”

I. Hebrews 10.24 – Stimulate one another to love and good deeds.

A.    Some members of every congregation do this naturally (Ex: Tina)

II. Galatians 6.9-10 – Let’s look for opportunities to good.

A.    To everybody, even those outside our community.

B.    To those in our faith community.

III. Romans 12.13 & 16 – Generosity, hospitality and community.

1.     Contribute to needs (v. 13)

(a)  That is, be generous with your stuff.

(b)  Fun in the park on August 20th is an opportunity to do that.

(c)  Illus: Getting backpacks ready for kid’s starting school.

2.     Hospitality means to be generous with your friendship (v. 13).

(a)  Sharing a picnic shows hospitality.

(b)  Welcoming people new to you.

3.     Live in harmony associate freely (v. 16).

(a)  Hanging out with others in the faith, ie, Family Camp.

(b)  Open to receiving those less desirable.

Part 2: Exodus 15 – The Song of Moses.

I. The Lord is God.

A.    Who is God to you? (viz: “the four sons” of the Passover).

1.     He is my God.

2.     He is my father’s God.

(a)  The God of Abraham.

(b)  God is an inheritance.

B.    Justice and Mercy.

1.     God’s burning anger is reserved for those who persist in injustice (v. 7).

2.     Lovingkindness and mercy is directed toward the weak and humble (v. 13).

II. Verse 2 is the cornerstone of the Song of Moses.

A.    Praise to God.

1.     KJV gets it right: Prepare a habitation for the Lord.

2.     The word translated praise only appears here.

(a)  It is related to the word for “safe pasture.”

(b)  We are to prepare a place for the Lord in our heart.

(c)  Jesus promises make His (and Father’s) dwelling in us (John 14.23; 17.23)

B.    Exalt the Lord.

1.     Meaning: To lift up; set apart for special recognition; offering.

2.     This word comes closer to our sense of praising God.

(a)  Through our words we lift up God.

(b)  Take truths and declare them.

3.     To exalt is to make the truth of God’s character obvious to all.

(a)  To anyone who is close enough to hear.

(b)  To powers and principalities (the invisible realm).

(c)  Our behavior is observed.

* 1 Corinthians 11.10 – Angels observe head covering.

* Ephesians 3.10 – God’s wisdom is manifested to angels.

* 1 Corinthians 4.9 – Apostles are a spectacle to angels.

III. Miriam and worship.

A.    A prophetess spoke and taught.

B.    Timbrel was a drum-like instrument.

C.    Dancing was an acceptable part of worship.

D.    Worship can be different according to circumstance.

1.     Quietness of soul as in.

(a)  Psalm 65.1.

(b)  Isaiah 30.15; 32.17

2.     Exuberant as here.

(a)  Praise with dancing (Psalm 149.1-6)

(b)  David dances and leaps (2 Samuel 6.14-15)

(c)  Young women rejoice with dancing (Jeremiah 31.13)

Abundant praise (Psalm 150).

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