Mac: Exodus 17 (Pt. 1)

Final thoughts on contentment and the beginning of the story of Moses bringing water from the rock.


Exodus 17: Water from the Rock-September 28, 2008

I. Two sides of a contented heart.

A.    A contented heart is a courageous heart.

1.     Mastering fear and worry.

2.     Practicing confidence and trust.

B.    A contented heart is a glad heart.

1.     Counting ourselves blessed.

2.     Refusing lust (who are you tempted from?)

II. Summary of God’s provision of water (Exodus 17.1-7).

A.    This is another of those events with a “three layer meaning.”

B.    They were at a place of need because of God (v. 1).

1.     They journeyed “in stages” meaning they moved periodically.

2.     God would have known the place was dry.

3.     There is a relationship between place and provision.

C.    Moses was in fear for his life (v. 4).

1.     The people “tested the Lord” ie, they doubted.

2.     Moses was legitimately afraid of the mob.

(a)  They were afraid for their children.

(b)  They were afraid for their livelihood.

(c)  Illus: there is danger when people are in need.

3.     Once again Moses cries out to God.

D.    God answers the need of the people.

1.     Provides for the people.

2.     Vindicates Moses

3.     Validates His sovereignty.

III. Some lessons from Rephidim.

A.    God responds to the test.

1.     Since they doubt He does the impossible: Water from a rock.

2.     Since they oppose Moses He responds to the authority of Moses’ staff.

(a)  Strikes with power to bring death to Egyptians.

(b)  Power to bring life to the Israelites.

3.     Since they doubted God was with them, He leads Moses outside the camp to a place out from among them.

4.     Since they doubt their destiny He comes to Horeb where He called Moses.

B.    God tells Moses that He will be at the rock (v. 6).

1.     “I’ll meet you at the rock.”

2.     Moses’ relationship with God was personal, unlike the people.

(a)  A “face to face” relationship with the Creator.

(b)  That means an interpersonal relationship. Interactive context.

(c)  Hebrew describes proximity. Appears 1938 times in OT in various forms .

* 86 time translated “front”

* 259 times translated “face.”

* 868 times translated “before.”

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