Mac: Exodus 16 – A Prophetic Event

Dan teaches from Exodus at MacArthur Christian Church in Vancouver. Outline notes will be below, if I can get to them!


Part 1: The One Anothers of the Church

I. Wait for one another. 1 Corinthians 11:33

A.    Corinth was in need of help to be orderly.

B.    Paul directed their attention to the needs of the poor in their midst.

II. The broader application for us.

A.    Always be looking out for others to see their needs are met.

B.    Meet the needs of strangers.

C.    Care for those who are without.

Part 2: A Prophetic Event. Exodus 16:1-21

I. Review – Chapter 15. The honeymoon is over; the growing begins.

A.    Challenges follow a time of excitement and joy. The four stages of community.

1.     Stage one: Initiation – the honeymoon; the thrill of new things.

2.     Stage two: Alienation – New gives place to routine; problems become evident.

3.     Stage three: Transformation – Growth happens; relationships deepen; patience develops in relationships.

4.     Stage four: Incarnation – the community begins to reflect the character of their King.

B.    God will provide the needs of his people. His work at Marah is the evidence.

C.    God has begun to establish a trust relationship with His people (v. 26).

1.     Pay careful attention.

2.     Actively respond to the voice of God.

II. The parts of a prophetic Event.

A.    The immediate need.

B.    The spiritual lesson.

C.    Prophetic fulfillment.

III. The immediate need in the story is nourishment for the people.

A.    Their grumbling may have been due to the need to consume their flocks for food.

B.    God makes good on his promise at Marah.

C.    Manna provides for their immediate need.

IV. The spiritual lesson.

A.    God is willing to provide for the needs of the people.

B.    His faithfulness is day by day. He is dependable.

C.    He prepares them for the concept of the Sabbath as a weekly reminder of His faithfulness.

V. The Prophetic fulfillment.

A.    Prophetic events are like a cocoon.

1.     Cocoons remain until the time they burst open for the butterfly.

2.     This event is the cocoon. Jesus is the butterfly (John 6).

B.    Jesus fulfills two historical antecedents.

1.     The manna signifies the source of life, namely heaven.

2.     The bitter water signifies the source of redemption, namely God’s provision for sin at the cross.

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