MAC: Kingdom Responsibility (Luke 19)

God gives His servants resources and responsibility. His reward is authority.


A Pound of Kingdom Stuff
January 11, 2009

I.    The returning King (Luke 19.12-27).
A.    This is a story with historical precedent.
1.    Archelaus (a wicked ruler) was crowned king by Caesar.
a)    This occurred during Jesus’ infancy (Luke
b)    Did Satan go to Eden to receive a crown?
2.    The story has elements of comparison and contrast.
B.    Read the story.
C.    Jesus’ mission has parallels.
1.    Jesus is going to heaven to receive a crown.
2.    Will return in triumph as King.
3.    There will be those that reject his rule.
II.    The servants in the story are parallel to Jesus’ followers (called out).
A.    The ten servants are each given a “mina.”
1.    Some translations call it “a pound.”
a)    Of Gold or silver or something else.
b)    They received a pound of “kingdom stuff.”
2.    It is undetermined amount, possibly four months wages.
B.    The servants are to do business with kingdom resources.
1.    There is an expectation of increased value.
2.    He gave them money to steward.
a)    The money wasn’t theirs it was kingdom money.
b)    They were given responsibility.
3.    The pay-off wasn’t “in kind.” On return he didn’t give money.
4.    The payoff was “authority.”
a)    Responsibility is the stewardship of things.
b)    Authority is the stewardship of people.
C.    There will be those who fail.
1.    Those who wait without purpose are not rewarded or recognized.
a)    Are they also the unmentioned seven?
b)    The gospel of the kingdom means active waiting, not passive.
2.    Those that reject the Lord.
a)    Still refuse to be subjects.
b)    They will, likewise, be rejected.
D.    Repentance.
1.    The unbeliever repents of devotion to the world.
a)    The descendents of the last Adam not born to righteousness.
b)    These must first reject the king of darkness.
c)    Swear devotion to the Creator.
2.    Baptism is the statement of that repentance.
3.    The believer embraces the Creator.
a)    Repents of sin with the knowledge Christ secured forgiveness.
b)    Must then embrace obedience.
III.    Of pounds and servants. Parable of the coming Kingdom.
A.    There is the mention of a four months period in prophetic.
1.    Four months until the harvest.
2.    Four months between the Passover and Trumpets.
B.    There are seven servants and seven churches that must give an account.
IV.    What is our “pound of kingdom stuff”?
A.    Jesus left the Spirit and the spiritual gifts for us to use.
1.    The Spirit does not belong to us.
2.    We are to be responsible in the use of the gifts.
a)    We are charged to “occupy” until He comes.
b)    We ought not be guilty of doing nothing with our pound.
3.    For a “manifest” of the gifts, go to …
a)    Romans 12.
b)    1 Corinthian 12.13-14.
c)    Ephesians 4.
B.    The purpose of the pound.
1.    It is a kingdom resource.
2.    It becomes a tool (or a weapon).
3.    It is applied to a task.
a)    It is to bind (or build up).
b)    Or to loose (release).
4.    It is to bring increase.
C.    What is the task?
1.    The task may be in the world.
a)    We are to love the world (as Christ loved the world).
b)    The increase is to the kingdom, namely people.
c)    People are behind the gates of hell (Matthew 16).
2.    The task may be in the church.
a)    Build up the church (edify).
b)    The increase is to multiply and release gifts.
(1)    Paul in Romans 1.11.
(2)    1 Corinthians 14.26.
c)    The increase is to bring the body to maturity.

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