For 40+ years, it has been our privilege to walk with Jesus. For the last 15 or so, we have been working in the Kingdom without what would be called a “regular paycheck.” When asked what we charge for something — teaching at a retreat, a wedding or other ministry related assignment — our answer is this: “we don’t charge for ministry, so nothing is expected. Anything is appreciated.” 

From time to time we’ve experienced generous encouragement from friends who want to be supportive of the work the Lord has given us to do. This page is intended as a convenience if, perchance, that applies to you. Here are two ways you can contribute to our work. First, is our mailing address or, if you prefer, you may donate online via PayPal or WePay. Just remember, nothing is expected, but anything is appreciated.

  • Dan & Jody Mayhew
  • 4125 NE 78th Ave.
  • Portland, OR 97218

(Checks can be made out directly to Dan or Jody. Other contributions to them can be made through the links below. Tax deductible contributions  should be made by check to the Summit Fellowships, a 501(c)3 organization,  or online at the Summit Fellowships website.) Direct contributions can be made below.


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