John Chapter 11

The Lazarus Incident

  • Delayed coming.
  • The resurrection and the life.
  • Jesus wept.
  • Lazarus! Come out!

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John Chapter 11

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One thought on “John Chapter 11”

  1. thank you for your words on the second half of John 11. i could hear it in your voice at the beginning that there was a pain there. so sorry for the loss of your brother and i pray that Caleb is okay.

    i am so glad that God holds each one of us as believers thru our pain and sorrow and that HE comforts us with His presence.

    i was chalenged to keep my focus on Jesus and to not ask why because HE is holding me and sustaining me. God has a plan and i have to trust that plan.

    i continue to pray for you my sister in Christ..

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