Theater, Relationship & Saturdays

I’ve been filling a pastoral and teaching role at a church in Vancouver, MacArthur Blvd. Christian Church for a few years now–still hangin’ with the house church tribe, but enjoy the relationships at Mac, too. The excitement in a church like this is in moving forward into new seasons while honoring the faithfulness of what’s come before.

On the horizon is something on Saturday nights–how’s “Saturday Night Church on the Boulevard” sound? Wait, though. I don’t know how it’s going to look, or even if that’s what we’ll call it, because our first couple of gatherings (May1st & 8th…wanna come?) are going to be to ask the “head office” for directions (ie, pray, listen, plan). I hope to see an open, participatory, and relational time. Maybe start with food (YUM!) and then do something artsy–let’s do some DRAMA. I’d love to mix in some THEATER–and then we could…Hold on, now, I’m getting ahead of myself. We haven’t even had our first meeting.

I’ll keep you updated. Message me if you have any ideas.

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