MBC AM Sunday School

Occasionally, notes from the Sunday morning class are posted here. We are following the Sonship Study format that presumes you will download the notes, pray for the Spirit to “stop you” as you study, and then be prepared to share where you were “stopped” when we gather as a class on Sunday morning at 9:30. 

Overcoming and Spiritual Warfare Study

Sonship—–Deployment AssignmentDefinition of deployment: to organize and send out (people or things) to be used for a particular purpose. : to open up and spread out the parts of (something, such as a parachute). Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary.

  1. Break into “units.”  Regularly pray for one another, plus spouse and children. Pray daily. Be specific. Take note of what you hear.
  2. Choose a church other than your own to adopt for prayer and encouragement.
  3. Choose a country/people/or missionary to pray for & encourage.
  4. Decide on a monthly discipline to do as a group.

    Study Notes

Economy of the Kingdom

Due to a problem with an Internet service provider, only one set of  notes below are downloadable. If you would like a PDF copy any others in the series, let us know in the contact form below and we’ll send a them to you by email or make them available here. Thanks. (You can copy and paste into the “Request Notes” field. )

  • (1/5/14) Faith – Currency of the Kingdom.
  • (9/8/13) Stewardship Notes – MS Word
  • Men’s Breakout – “IDEA” Discussion Guide
  • MBC Sunday –  Notes: Debt (4/21/13)
  • (2/20/13) Poverty and Prosperity
  • (12/14/12 Notes) Giving and Receiving
  • (4/8/12  Notes) – Mammon and Idolatry
  • MBC Sunday – Thanksgiving (03-18-12)
  • MBC Sunday – The Way of the Lord (01-22-12)
  • MBC Sunday – God as Provider (11/27/11)
  • MBC Sunday – God as Creator (11/20/11)
  • Study Questions – God as Creator
  • MBC Sunday – Nature of the Two Kingdoms (10/9/11)
  • MBC Sunday – ‘Well Pleased’ notes and questions
  • MBC Sunday – Feb. 21 Notes: Walking in the Spirit
  • MBC Sunday – March 23 Notes: Hearing God
  • (4/27/14) Greed and Personal Consumption

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