Songs of the Summit (1)

Jody and I are part of a network of home based churches called The Summit Fellowships. Over the years the Lord has given some songs in the groups so I thought I’d make one available from time to time. These are not professionally produced, but recorded “live” in living rooms and other informal venues so they are to be used mostly for reference in case you should want to sing them at church or in the shower. The lyrics follow each “podcast” of the songs. The songs are copyrighted to the source and to TwoWorlds Publishing.

Song: To You Who Fear the Lord (Malachi 3:16)

Source: Dan Mayhew

Vocal: Leif Rasmussen and others in the Summit Fellowships

Guitar: Leif


For you who fear the Lord
And speak often to each other.
The Lord has harkened and heard
And caused to be written.

A book of remembrance for you
For you who fear the Lord.
A book of remembrance for all who think on His name.
A book of remembrance for you,
For you who fear the Lord.
A book of remembrance for all who ponder his name.

And they shall be mine,
Saith the Lord, Saith the Lord,
In the day that I make them my jewels I will spare them.
And they shall be mine saith the Lord, saith the Lord.
As a man spareth his son, his son who serveth him.

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