Is God Out of the Office?

If you know me (Dan) well, you know I have a dubious relationship with the month of August. At the risk of sounding a bit whiny, I must say that it is  a discouraging month. Not only is it a dry, hot, sweaty, yucky (did I mention hot?) month, it seems that nearly everything slows to a crawl until we roll into September like a deflated beach-ball. I often quip that it seems even God is out of the office until Labor Day.

Moreover, as I plod through August, I don’t mind the thought of getting through it so we can move into the new year. (Yes, I know 2018 doesn’t start until January, but there’s something about September that seems like a new year — I guess it’s my history as a teacher). So, what do the Mayhews have to look forward to this fall?

  • We have joined our friends, the Tademas, in sponsoring a weekly school of prayer. It’s at Montavilla Baptist Church starting at 6:30 and ending at 8:30PM.  We hope to add a worship component to the teaching part in the near future.  It’s an opportunity to learn about healing prayer and to be prayed for. Join us! I’ll devote a post to it.
  • Jody is preparing all the Sonship Studies for this year.
  • Speaking of Sonship, there is a training scheduled soon (August 30-31). Email Jody if you’re interested.
  • She is putting the finishing touches on her Bible study in the book of Daniel, which begins mid-September.
  • Jody is also training for a hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in October — you go, girl!
  • Dan continues to host and produce two podcasts, Church of the Heart (about planting and living in house churches) and Read Between the Worlds (about our books and indie publishing). Why not subscribe at the house church site ( or at our bookstore (
  • Dan is preparing an additional year of the Sonship Study called Nature and Purpose of the Church to launch in January.

It seems there are some things I’m forgetting. If I think of them, I’ll dash off a quick supplementary post. It’s not like ‘tween2worlds couldn’t use a bit more activity here in August!

Until then…Shalom, y’all!

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