Daniel Chapter 11 (Pt. 1)

Jody begins a two or three part series drawn from the eleventh chapter of Daniel. Some interesting historical notes begin to emerge.

Prayer Struggle

When you struggle in prayer, it does not mean God is far from you. That is the time the Spirit intercedes for you. That’s what Paul, our brother and apostle, said. Do you know what that means? The Spirit is alive in you. He is not an inert substance, but a living presence that shares the will of the Father and the mind of Christ. And, in the sharing, none of them are lessened or diminished. Each of them, the presence, the mind of Christ, the will of God, is fully alive in you. This is what is meant by the love of God: you are not alone, never alone. That is the “always.” It never changes. Though you dwell in the depth of the sea, walk in the valley of shadows, or struggle through jungles of despair, He is there.

When you are discouraged, it doesn’t mean that Father is far from you. It means He is very near. The discouraged feeling is not God’s absence or presence, it is your focus on the things that are less important than His purposes. If you can turn toward His kingdom and righteousness, you can move forward despite feeling discouraged.

So, when prayer is a struggle, remember the Presence. When you feel the absence, let that be a reminder of His “always.”

[Romans 8; Psalm 139; Matthew 28].

Daniel Chapter 10

The study of Daniel takes on a slightly slower, more comprehensible pace after the whirlwind of prophetic dreams and visions as the book moves toward a reflection on history instead of glimpses of future events.

Daniel Chapter 9 (Pt. 3)

Part three of Jody’s three part exploration of chapter 9.

Daniel 9 (Pt. 2)

Jody continues her exploration of the 8th chapter of Daniel.

Do You Have God’s Number?    

I’ve been reluctant to admit it too publicly, but I’ve been exploring a personality typing system called the Enneagram. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It divides people into nine basic types and identifies the tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses of each one.

There are other systems, of course. You may have heard of Myers-Briggs; Taylor-Johnson; StrengthsFinder; DiSC Assessment—the list is lengthy. Seems like everybody is at least a little curious to know about themselves. Just why do I do what I do? That question could be unhealthy if it causes me to become self-absorbed and self-centered. On the other hand, to be self-aware isn’t such a bad thing. John Calvin, in his Institutes proposed that “without knowledge of self there is no knowledge of God” and then went on to suggest that the converse was also true. The point being that when kept in balance, self-knowledge is probably a good thing. It keeps me from operating on impulse without knowing why.

So, back to the Enneagram…

Let me go on record: For me this thing is disconcertingly accurate. Somebody crawled into my head and took detailed notes about what Continue reading Do You Have God’s Number?    

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