Do You Have God’s Number?    

I’ve been reluctant to admit it too publicly, but I’ve been exploring a personality typing system called the Enneagram. Maybe you’ve heard of it. It divides people into nine basic types and identifies the tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses of each one.

There are other systems, of course. You may have heard of Myers-Briggs; Taylor-Johnson; StrengthsFinder; DiSC Assessment—the list is lengthy. Seems like everybody is at least a little curious to know about themselves. Just why do I do what I do? That question could be unhealthy if it causes me to become self-absorbed and self-centered. On the other hand, to be self-aware isn’t such a bad thing. John Calvin, in his Institutes proposed that “without knowledge of self there is no knowledge of God” and then went on to suggest that the converse was also true. The point being that when kept in balance, self-knowledge is probably a good thing. It keeps me from operating on impulse without knowing why.

So, back to the Enneagram…

Let me go on record: For me this thing is disconcertingly accurate. Somebody crawled into my head and took detailed notes about what Continue reading Do You Have God’s Number?    

Daniel Chapter 9

Jody finishes up the last of chapter eight and plunges onward into chapter nine as this year’s study follows Daniel through a lifetime of faithfulness following God. 

I Am a Fool

It is now the Lenten season. Forty days of preparation preceding the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. This year, Resurrection Day falls on April 1st.

Ah, I can hear them now, the remarks about the foolishness of belief—snide words: “He is risen! April Fools! Just kidding!” Only fools could believe this resurrection mythology. The life of Jesus ended, not with a bang, but with a sneer. Use your head. How appropriate such nonsense falls upon April Fools Day!

There are many who see followers of Jesus as “hollow men; stuffed men, leaning together, headpiece filled with straw”; deluded people leaning on empty promises, living in a world destined to end with a whimper. **

No matter. I’m foolish enough to believe for more; to hope, laugh and look forward to more.

Count me among the April foolish. I don’t mind. I am grateful for the convergence of days because it means that this year I can stand with the Apostle Paul and declare “we are fools for Christ.” I can openly rejoice in the triumphant foolishness of God that is wiser than I am. I can rest in the confidence of what Frederick Buechner calls the Magnificent Defeat. *

This year on April Fool’s Day I will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. On that day I will declare I am nobody’s fool. I am a fool for Christ.

Whose fool are you?

*Reference to The Magnificent Defeat by Frederick Buechner.

**Words taken from The Hollow Men by T.S. Eliot

Daniel Chapter 8

Having put the rigors of Chapter 7 behind us, Jody begins to explore Daniel 8.

Daniel 7 (Part 4)

More exploring in a challenging chapter filled with dreams, visions and amazing images. It’s some pretty tough going as Jody attempts to discover the meanings in this chapter. Join her as she steps into the time machine that is Daniel 7.

Sunday AM Class

Notes for the next section of the Sonship Study on overcoming have been uploaded. Point to the “Notes” tab and click on “Montavilla Sunday AM”

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