Jody Probably Going to Balkans

Well, we’ve been uncertain whether doors would be opening for Jody to go to the Balkans to introduce the concept of a Prayer Summit to local Christian leaders. It looks as though the team is coming together and that we may need to start making the travel arrangements and such for October. At this point we don’t really know how we’re going to take care of the costs and other details so, as always, we’d appreciate your prayers. We’ll give you details as we get them.

One thought on “Jody Probably Going to Balkans”

  1. Jody, I attended the last School of Prayer in Vancouver. You indicated I could receive a copy of a couple workshops if I emailed you. Could I still do that? It would be for my own use – listen to again. This helps me a lot. The ones I’m hoping for are:
    Living from the New Nature.
    I really appreciate your teaching. Thank you.
    Also you asked for my husband Jay’s email in order for you to discuss the possible trip to the Balkans:
    He would like to talk with you.

    Serving the King with you, Wendy Palmer (Tacoma)

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