Dealing with Spam

If anything can kill the internet, it will be the flagrant and greedy use of it by spammers who are consuming incredible bandwidth on the net to get unsolicited messages in our mailboxes. I wish I could prevail upon computer users to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER purchase products that you heard about through unsolicited email. Of course that doesn’t stop spammers from using their methods to increase the ranking of their web addresses by bombing millions of blogs and content sites with their addresses. It is a hassel until laws making spamming a capital offense and enforcement becomes infinitely more aggressive. Thus, I am making it necessary for you few stalwart readers to register and login before you can post a comment. It has come to this. I may change some email addresses, too, then disguise the new ones (they call it “munging”) on web sites so the…I’m searching for a printable name…spammers and their “spambots” will have a harder time harvesting them.

Furthermore, I will probably be moving this blog to a subdirectory of tween2worlds so Jody and I can use the root for a kind of “here’s what the Mayhews are up to” site. In the mean time, I’ll try to find out how to have a place on the blog to register and login. Haven’t figured that out yet.

Very sorry for the inconvenience.

Your Alien Brother,


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