Jody: Home front update

Thanks for praying for Caleb. He came home and is relatively safe, thanks to your prayers.

He gave me a scare last night because of the articles that have been coming out recently (I posted the Portland Tribune article a few days ago). Living with the consequences of PTSD leaves whole families on edge. This is why I’ve taken the step of actively opposing the mobilization of Oregon’s guard next spring. For many of these men and women, one combat tour has been catastrophic. I can’t imagine the consequence of second. I will be following the campaign to cancel the mobilization on this blog under the category, “Nat’l Guard.” More information is on the page called “41 Home Campaign.”

Thanks, again for praying with me for this and for keeping Jody in your prayers so faithfully. I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night and it was a great comfort to know that some of you had gotten the message and “taken a position on the wall”.

I’ll post again as soon as I hear from Jody.


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  1. My heart feels your turmoil. Rachel Married Adam Kostick 4 years ago he has been home for 2 of those years. He just left for his 3rd deployment. He is a Blackhawk helicopter pilot. to sayt is a very difficult lifestyle and taxes the whole family almost to the breaking point is not strong enough. We are surely paying a high price and will feel the affects for generations to come!

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