Praying Wisconsin

I’ve had the privilege of praying with pastors from the Fox Cities of Wisconsin for the last six or seven years. I have come to have a real affection for these brothers. They come from all different traditions and denominations, yet they have chosen to work and pray together. This kind of cooperation is happening in many cities but I have been with these guys enough to witness it first hand. They have a heart for completing rather than competing, recognizing that God delights to draw strength from diverse gifts.
Part of the process of living between the worlds will be to learn to value relationship beyond our traditions and even our opinions, realizing that what we know about God is limited by our own smallness. All of those things will be settled one day but for now we can choose to live by grace. I guess the first step, then, is to admit that we don’t know everything– cannot know– but trust that we will, and for now that we know enough.

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