Jody: Ecuador and the Home Front

First, I need you to pray for Caleb. Like many combat veterans, he struggles with the residue of the war.  Please pray for his safety and the influence of PTSD. Warfare often crops up this way when either Jody or I are away for ministry. Please pray for Caleb.

This evening I got a call from Jody at about 5PM. She was calling from a place called La Merced, I think. They had flown to Guayaquil on Saturday morning where Jody spoke at an evening service, Darryl taught a women’s group and they facilitated a prayer gathering for a group of young people.

They flew back to Quito yesterday (Monday). She said that take-offs are nearly straight up. She said she’d never experienced such a rapid climb in flights before. Part of the reason for the steep climb is that Guayaquil is at sea level and Quito is at 9000 feet! No wonder!

Since yesterday they have gone to the Amazon district of the country–had to go over part of the Andes to get there–and also drove to the Equator, where Jody tells me she had a photo taken with one foot in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern.

On Wednesday, they head back to Quito, and on Friday they will be in Santa Domingo for two days and then on Sunday, on to Colombia.

A high point for Darryl was to preach a message from Psalm 133 in Spanish! She could hardly wait to tell her husband, Jason, back in Louisiana.

As for prayer, they could both use strength and for the interpreters to carefully translate the messages. I will keep you posted as more news comes.


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