Health care among Christians

Since Jody and I lost our insurance a few months ago we joined a medical cost sharing group. These organizations are set up so that Christians can share one another’s medical expenses rather than rely on insurance. We’ve been participating in one called “Samaritan Ministries” through which, every month, we receive the name of somebody who has incurred a medical expense. This month it was a family in Idaho whose five-year-old had been hospitalized with pneumonia and a respiratory infection. Upon receipt of the notice we send our monthly contribution directly to the family with the need.

This is a pretty cool way of dealing with health care costs without traditional insurance! It sounds a lot like what Paul says in Galatians: “bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.” It’s pretty affordable, too–240.00 a month for Jody and I.

What’s got me bothered right now is that the health care reform bills that are coming out of Washington may make it mandatory to buy government-approved health insurance. So where will that leave those of us who want to take care of each other through a cost-sharing pool? What if it becomes “buy government-approved health insurance or pay a fine.” Yikes! I hope our legislators build enough flexibility into these bills to let people be responsible for one another if they choose. I’ve already sent a note to our Representative. Now, it’s wait and see…

2 thoughts on “Health care among Christians”

  1. I love the sound of this idea and did not know that this kind of thing existed. Does it extend to anyone who is willing to participate? Of course, it also occurs to me that a group of people as large as a country could maybe choose to “bear one another’s burden” and share the cost of health care, and that is the idea that Congress is considering. This all inclusive idea seems in keeping with the same spiritual principle. I doubt that they will manage to do it for as little as $250.00 a month though. It is not an easy problem if one is concerned that every person who is sick or hurt be taken care of and that is my concern and yours as well, I am sure.

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