Consider the Possibility

Helloooo…anyone out there?

I do not think humanity is living in a whole-world simulation. But because the simulation argument seems to work, what it seems to do is to uncover deep discrepancies . . . in how people think about deep reality — about this universe, multiple universes, consciousness, inferences for and against theism. (From the article)

First, in the interest of full disclosure, I have not carefully read the article I’m linking to. I’m including it here, though, because it makes a point I’ve made before (Cosmology, Culture and the Multiverse, May 2012). Scientists and cosmologists, in grappling with the questions of existence, tend to leave room for the possibility of God in their considerations whether they recognize it or not. The point is simply this: atheism is to disregard real possibilities — as closed-minded as any religious zealot. To say one is agnostic is a more honest position.

What interests me when I hear about learned men and women exploring the possibilities as Carl Sagan did in his book, Contact (later to become a movie starring Jody Foster) is that they must dodge the God solution. They  have an easier time attributing the vexing mysteries of the universe to advanced civilizations, not unlike ourselves but for their evolutionary superiority, than to attribute it to an infinite, personal consciousness — Schaeffer’s “God who is there.”

Here’s the link: Is Our Universe a Fake?

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