Let’s have a “faceblog”?

when cyberspace meets face2face

Does this ever happen to you? You get this cool idea and you tell somebody about it and they just look at you like you were a chicken that just laid a square egg. And then they say something like, “that’s nice” or, “cool,” and then they go with some other subject and you know they’ve already forgotten your great idea?

You haven’t had that happen? I was afraid of that… It’s just me who has really great and really dumb ideas. Well, anyway, I have this great (maybe really dumb) idea. Since computers can be so isolating, what if somebody hosted a “faceblog?”

So, what’s a “faceblog?” Call it a “cybersation,” a web-born conversation where the blog post is open to comments from real people (moving faces and everything) in the audience. And as long as we’re at it, let’s throw in coffee, tea, food and a microphone — eat and drink the first ones, talk in into the other. People could bring a recent blog post — their own or a favorite from the blogosphere and they or somebody else could read it “open mic” — kinda like karaoke blogging.* There could be a blog, and then people could “comment” around a table; maybe another blog and talk; then throw in some music for a change of pace; do a couple more blogs…comment, talk some more. Real time, face-to-face interaction. What a concept.

* No hate speech, sex talk, shock-jock stuff and potty-mouth rants or really long rambles. Just thoughtful observations — four minutes or less — about life, God, the universe, and related subjects. Make them serious or funny; poignant and thoughtful; critical, maybe even angry, but always respectful.

A possible faceblog

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