In Memoriam: Don Richter

donrichter.jpgDon Richter died yesterday, Thursday, February 1, 2007.

One of the most gentle souls that I have ever known. Moreover, he was one of the original “band of brothers” who met, most for the first time, at the first prayer summit in Portland in 1990. A number of us have been praying together Wednesday mornings ever since. Don among us.

I have thought about this coming season, the season of passing. One by one we must go home. Having done our best to live between the worlds, we will release our hold on time and take our place in the eternal kingdom.

So, how do I respond to this reality? Part of me wants to hurry–so many things left undone. On the other hand, Don managed, at least in our midst, to model a steadfast peace and trust that seemed unhurried and confident. I don’t know if he felt those things or merely projected them. Perhaps Father uses each life to project qualities of value that encourage us to be better than we would otherwise be.

In any case, Don will not be joining us for prayer again. The thing is, he was “a regular” but not always there, not every week. So, when he is not there next Wednesday, and the week after, it will seem that he may yet join us. Maybe next week Don will be coming…maybe. We’ll all go and have coffee after prayer, sit and shoot the breeze.

One thought on “In Memoriam: Don Richter”

  1. Yes, I was blessed to be Don’s roommate on that first summit and to be in the prayer group on Wednesdays as he shared his heart for God, his church, his family and all of us. His prayers always lifted me higher and drew me closer to Father and opened me to Spirit. He challenged me to serve my family and God’s people. When he shared his experiences and struggles through life I was always given hope and encouraged to renew my commitment to pursue the Journey. I will most remember his eloquence and the heart passion with which he prayed.

    As I gather with the Brothers in the future, I will think of Don and know that he has joined the Great Cloud of witnesses who are cheering us on. (There seem to be more and more whom I have known who are now in that group, including my dad.) I will remember that there among them he is cheering for us and pulling for us to continue the Battle, stay the course and finish the race. I will miss him and by remembering him I will be strengthened, encouraged and renewed!

    I am sure his family will miss him. His church will miss him greatly (he was their senior pastor for many years and recently the “interim” admin pastor). We have all been changed by his impact on our lives. We will all look forward to the great reunion when we too receive our promotion and cross over to eternity with Father.

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