Random Thought: The Right Questions

Wow! over a month since I’ve visited bloggerville! Amazing. Talk about Sabbath and the tyrant of time, responsibility and obligation blows through like a hurricane. Interesting. I better return to the idea of rest again soon. But first, some random musings…

Our words are the story. Our life is the illustration…

Learning is often not a matter of accumulating knowledge, it is asking the proper question and desiring, even yearning after the answer.

Open the scriptures with a question and they will answer. They are not a duty but an honor. He who does not hear them speak either has no questions to ask or no ears to listen.

To ask, “Who is God?” is too high, too far away. This question is safe, its answer is distant.
To ask, “Who am I?” is too near to be seen clearly.

Better to ask, “Who is my brother?” In this question lies the answer to the other two.

To ask what I must do to please God is presumptuous because it passes over the cross where Messiah said, “It is finished.”

To ask what I must do to please myself is selfishness. It passes over the cross that is ours to take up daily.

Better to ask, “What is my obligation to my brother?” In this is the answer to the other two.

To ask how I might serve God is to climb a mountain and build three tabernacles and be cut off from the world.

To ask how to serve myself is to empty my heart and isolate my soul.

Rather, ask how may I serve my brothers. In this is the answer to the other two.

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