Relaying the Foundations

About the Study

Welcome to a Project called: Relaying the Foundations for Family. It is inspired by Psalm 11:3—“If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?” This question can either be taken as a lament or a call to action. I am calling us to action with a series of lessons geared toward families with young children, those with teens, and those who have a heart for the next generation. The lessons are not time driven. Take the time you need to let each one awaken your heart and stir you to respond. Each lesson is divided into sections. 

Truth: In this section, learn to read until you sense what the Lord wants to speak to you from His Word. Read aloud (or have each read silently) and ask what seems to stick out to each person. Discuss among yourselves what the Lord might be saying to your family.
Pillar: I usually try to include at least one insight to consider as you go through the lesson. Feel free to come up with your own insights to add.

Table Talk: Pick a time when your family or group of friends is together and can focus on a question. You can spread these out over several days. If you have one on one time with your child or friend during a day, this might be a way to address the questions, as well.

Simple Assignment: We tend to keep what we learn when we take some sort of action. If a different activity comes to mind, use your ideas instead. This is designed to interrupt old patterns and develop new steps of obedience as a family. 

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As  the culture nears midnight, it is time to consider the foundations upon which we have built our life and faith. This series is designed to help you look critically at these things and to observe how your family or group of friends interacts with them.


The process where something is diminished or destroyed by degrees. We must build upon something that is solid—not something that continually shifts—especially under trial or pressure.


If the foundations are destroyed—what WILL the righteous do?



Built to Last

“Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine, and acts upon them, may be
compared to a wise man, who built his house upon the rock.”


The Quality of Our Work

…each man’s work will become evident; for the day will show it, because it is to be
revealed with fire; and the fire itself will test the quality of each man’s work.

Line Upon Line

To whom would He teach knowledge? And to whom would He interpret the message? For He says, Line upon line, line upon line, A little here, a little there.

Rebuild or Lament?

Explore the difference between a lament and a complaint. What is the big picture/perspective of need for restoration? Take a tip from Nehemiah.


Ways that Seem Right

There are ways that seem right that aren’t the ways of the kingdom. How do you tell the difference?


Righteousness and Justice

What are the rules in your family? How are they kept? Broken? What makes something fair? Is ‘fair’ the same thing as ‘right’? Here’s a link that touches on the issue of injustice and unrighteousness versus justice and righteousness.


We must learn to be attentive to the nature of our opposition.



Build What Was Shown

How is His will done on earth AS it is in heaven?  In unity and oneness?



He Who Began a Good Work

We attempt to steward what we want—rather than what we have received. Within the promise of God is all that is needed to bring that which is not—into existence.


All Will Be Shaken

We are participants of two worlds/realms at the same time…..the seen and the unseen realm.

Imagination is a God given ability to ‘see’ the invisible.

How can we allow the Holy Spirit to give us eyes to see and ears to hear?

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