Same Sex Marriage as an Offering

Like it or not, we followers of “The Way” must weigh in on same sex issues, including same sex marriage.

Admittedly, I would just as soon ignore the whole business, but cultural progressives are not inclined to rest until everyone acquiesces to the agenda, or are at least is identified as miscreants. We cannot yield, of course, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be left to it.

What’s the Big Deal?

So, why don’t we just yield to the pressure and nod our approval?

Here’s the thing: Our people view sexuality as a picture of God’s covenant with humanity. Back at creation, He didn’t stir things up, leave, and then come back to see how everything turned out. He created this little planet with intent, including and most importantly, the human. He contemplated how humans should be made and when He did, decided there should be two of similar but not identical kind, male and female.

If there is no God and things just sort of happened; if we believe in a god of our own design, then it doesn’t matter what you think about people of the same gender being married. But we believe that God is real–He is really there–and we are “contemplated beings.”

Engineering 101

A quick analysis of His design is all that is necessary to observe what He had in mind. Moreover, the Bible says He made them “male and female” for a particular purpose, namely marriage and becoming “one flesh.” That’s the way Jesus, Himself explained it (Matthew 19:4-6). That is why we followers of “The Way” view marriage as between a man and a woman. We regard the sexual union as a reflection of God’s revelation of His own nature. He consistently uses the male-female relationship to illustrate it. In our view, marriage is an offering to God. It honors His deliberate design; an unbreakable union between two counterparts.

Many do not see marriage and its sexual union in this way. It is not an offering, but merely an expression of commitment and a legal recognition of shared life and property; of abiding friendship, exclusive partnership and even love.

Why can’t we just “agree to disagree?” After all, same-sex couples don’t need our approval. What do they care? I have  a thought on that. I’ll talk about it next time.

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