Society: Sexuality Between the Worlds

We should not doubt what the outcome will be. Ultimately, marriage between people of the same gender will be legal and Americans will get used to it, just as they are getting used to the idea of homosexuality in general. The “culture war”will be lost.

Am I being a pessimist? A realist? Have I gone soft on morality; rolled over and played dead?

Perhaps I am guilty of the first two, but not the third. I should not play dead any more than any follower of the Way should. On the contrary, we should seek to discover the transculture, the way of life “in-between.”

Our role in the world is not to be defenders of the dominant culture. We are refugees from it. The culture cannot be saved, only people can be saved. Paul, one of the early ambassadors for Jesus said, “If you have died with Christ to the elemental spirits of the world, why do you submit to them as though you lived in the world?” We are expatriates of this world and immigrants in the kingdom of heaven. We need to practice the lifestyle we’re going to inherit in the future.

How, then, do we live on this “Ellis Island”of the Kingdom? Old things passing away, new things coming?” That is the question that needs to be asked relative to sexuality. The inertia of the dominant culture may be toward change with respect to these things, but what about we of the “in-between?”

I’m going to think out loud about this in the next couple of entries. My thoughts run in two directions. First, is the Creator’s highest goal for each of us that we be fulfilled and happy here between the worlds? That, of course, assumes we should be free to express our proclivities without restraint. And secondly, what do the citizens of the In-Between have to say to those in the world who may be standing at the door with their bags packed full of “the elemental spirits”of the dominant culture?

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