Warning: Forcefields

ForcefieldsRecently, I became aware of research being done on the effects of radio waves on migratory birds. The results seem to indicate that certain frequencies have the potential to disoreient our feathered friends so they can’t find their way to wherever it is they are going. In the research, AM radio waves were among the culprits — yet another reason to listen to FM, I guess.

Forcefield Ahead

This got me to thinking. What forcefields am I passing through every day? I’m not talking about electromagnetic fields, I’m talking about cultural forcefields.

Take economics, for example. As Americans we are constantly being called upon to buy, sell, accumulate and otherwise spend money. It’s a forcefield that has to potential to orient us away from generosity and contentment, and toward Wallstreet’s. Gordon Gecko who famously proposed that, “Greed is good.”

As followers of the Jesus Way, we spend the years we have on this planet migrating toward the kingdom ( wrote about this notion in the post “Thy Kingdom Come”).  How well do I navigate the forcefields of this world? Do I know a forecfield if I’m in one? Do I know how to defeat it?

Kingdom: This Way

I’ll be chewing on this for awhile, I think. It seems to me, if I’m part of the unfolding kingdom of God, I need to be conscious of the values of the kingdom of which I am to be a part. The most direct route between here and there is my goal — migration route, if you please; the Jesus Way.  Am I disoriented by the forcefields through which I am flying? How do I reorient myself in the journey?

Stay tuned.

Here’s the link to the article about the birds. 

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