4/18/08 Update: Found Luggage. Doors Open!

(Email received 3:29pm PDT – 12:29am GMT)

OK finally we have a phone that works. Luggage caught up with us about 4:30 today. We have clean clothes and a new understanding of Matthew 10:9+10 LOL. Doors for ministry in Europe thrown so wide open by George with Josep and Javier we are amazed, excited praying for where and how to go next. Finland looks like a GO. Leaders from 48 European countries are coming. We will meet the organizer while in Budapest please pray for time with and understanding of our role in going. We thought Rome might be down time for prayer now we have people to meet in Rome and Florence including a woman I met years ago in New York who is now living in Florence. Her name is Laura and her sister was Linda Eastman, Paul mc cartney’s wife. She is working Agape in Italy which is what Campus crusade is called in Europe.

It is after midnight so goodnight for now. Tomorrow we go to Montserrat Monastery to meet with the Capucine monks who are reviving prayer for the. C Church
Buon Neet. That is catalan for good night.

Claudia for Jody too!

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