4/20/08 – Arrived in Italy

(9:16 pm GMT)

We didn’t sleep very well last night. Left for the airport around 7am. Arrived in Rome around 11am and took the train to Rome. Hotel is okay but no internet. They will give credit for a local internet place but it isn’t necessarily wifi. So far I have carried the computer for nothing. We probably walked 10 miles today, looking at everything and getting our bearings. During our time in Rome, our time is not all preplanned so pray that we hear well and can obey completely. Had gelato, pizza in the afternoon and minestrone and cannelloni for dinner. We are finding favor with ministry leaders at an unparalleled level. The Lord seems to be waking up Europe, arousing leaders and opening their hearts. Love from Jody and Claudia

One thought on “4/20/08 – Arrived in Italy”

  1. Hi Jody and Claudia,
    Hearing of Rome takes me back to when I was there a year and a half ago. All the beautiful cathedrals, pomp and circumstance–but so little relationship with Papa it seems. I’m praying for all of Europe to experience a true spiritual awakening. I’m thinking of you and know the Lord will lead you in your travels to where you are most needed.
    Love and Prayers in His Name,

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