4/21/08 – Strolling Rome

(3:45pm GMT)

Went to St. Peter in chains to see the Michaelangelo Moses, as usual incredible. Even the veins on his hands are visible. The rains have held off a bit cooler today but perfect weather for our leisurely stroll thru Rome. We are reading Romans aloud as we stop along our travels. As Jody was reading at the church of St. Peter in Chains God brought to mind Paul Wilber Song Let GOD arise. So we sang it and prayed for God to lift the Standard of His Son over this city once again.

Went to the Colliseum and the guide said it was well trained gladiators who fought there not Christians who were martyred their his words “that is a myth”. Hesaid the south side of the C fell in an earthquake because that was reclaimed swamp. Said there are 30 meters of waterways under C that have aquaducts under Rome all the way to the River Tiber.
Stopped for a brief lunch and now at the Forum. Taking video here from the Arch of Titus to the basilica of Constantine. More about them in our notes later. Mixture is obvious in that even tho Constantine built a basilica the Temple to Romullos,which is right next door, was not destroyed, nor any othe temple in the Forum.
We do not feel any oppression, but also nothing spiritual either.

As I write this Jody is reading aloud ISA 55.
Love you all.
Claudia and Jody. Isa 55:13

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