4/22/08 – Roamin’ in Rome

(9:20pm GMT)

I just received a call from Jody. She said that she and Claudia had some time to wander about and see some of the things that tourists do–Coliseum, Vatican and such. She said that they had spent much time in prayer as they went from place to place, mostly using Paul’s letter to the Romans as a guide. Imagine walking the streets where Paul may have walked! They said they paused at length at the Basilica of Constantine and repented for the results of what Constantine’s “reforms” have caused over the history of the church. They also spent time in worship at the Vatican, particularly when they found a statue to the Isis deity  in a display about Egypt. They figured it would be best to worship the one true God there–sort of a “nyah, nyah, nyah…” to the god’s of Egypt :-). Tomorrow they will visit the catacombs and attend some pre-planned meetings (while in Barcelona they didn’t see much of the city because they were in meetings nearly non-stop). They will be in Rome for one more day and then leave the following morning early to get to the airport and on to Budapest.

Jody sounded good, not tired or anything. She wanted to thank you all for your continued prayer.

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