4/23/08 Update – Arrivederci Roma! Hello Budapest

(From Claudia – 7am GMT)

Hey dan today we say We are at the airport to go to Budapest! We are excited tired and our feet HATE us we have walked an average of 10 hours each day in Rome. We have prayed some very significant prayers at the Lords leading in what we believe are significant and strategic places. We are “expectant” at what God will do with them. Hopefully when we get to Hungary the Hotel will have internet service and we will be able to talk to you.

Tha,ks for all the prayers and for holding down the home front.

[Dan’s Note: I received a call over the Internet this morning from Jody at about 6AM–3pm her time. At long last we can use the computer for Skype calls (phone calls over the net). They system worked great. She sounded like she was across the table from me and we talked for about a half hour. Their time in Rome was mostly prayer. A couple of connections that they had hoped to make didn’t happen including one with a priest who had been working closely with Campus Crusade that was a possible connection via a close friend in Wisconsin. Jody and Claudia felt that the time of prayer was valuable and that the outcomes would be significant. Now they are in Budapest where they will be attending a conference that is aimed at bringing together a gathering in Finland later this year. Jody and Claudia are at the conference to help the teams there develop a strategy for corporate prayer and “listening prayer” in the Crusade offices throughout Europe. Please pray for the open doors needed to move the church in Europe back to roots in prayer.

Jody also says that the economy has made things in Europe VERY EXPENSIVE. I guess she won’t be bringing home many presents for her trip!]

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